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Products certified in accordance with international standards.

In the production of lumber brand "Taiga" (Russia), plywood and wood products are used Angara pine and Siberian larch, with unique natural properties.

The qualities of Angarsk pine are known all over the world. First, it is the high density and strength of wood, and secondly, an ordered structure: the absence of heel and tilt of the fibers. Angarsk pine wood is absolutely      environmentally friendly building material with antibacterial properties. Angarsk pine is perfectly machinable, does not crack when dried, and also perfectly retains heat.      Siberian larch has a special density (650 kg / m3) and durability.

Larch wood is one of the best materials in terms of resistance to external influences. Due to the combination of high density and high resin content, this breed is resistant to rotting. In color      The larch range has 12 shades and exceeds such species as oak, beech, ash, maple. The range of color - from light yellow to orange and golden brown shades, beautiful texture and silky      the gloss of the wood makes it possible not to use additional finishing and processing.