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Products certified in accordance with international standards

In the twenty-first century, traditional materials are becoming more and more popular, with wood being the most demanded one. It is not only its environmental profile that explains its frequency of use, but also improved performance characteristics and extended area of application obtained through up-to-date processing methods.  

Russian sawn timber production traditionally focuses on pine and spruce with their truly unique natural properties, such as, preeminently, high density and strength. The company harvests pollution-free wood in the forests of the Komi Republic, which are part of the European boreal forest reserves.

Wood is a superb material with antibacterial properties. Pine responds well to mechanical treatment and shows no cracks after drying. While spruce is less dense, but preserves heat better. Spruce materials are excellent for finishing work, while pine suits better for frameworks and other structures.

Fuelwood pellets
Fuelwood pellets

Russian standard for fuelwood pellets for non-industrial use – GOST R 55114-2012. 



Flat wooden pallets of a range of sizes complying with technical requirements TR-IS- 2 PO4