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SLDK – full production cycle company

The company’s production chain starts in the forest and ends at the warehouse for finished goods ready to be shipped to customers. The annual production capacity is 180 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber and up to 12 thousand tons of wooden pellets. The company’s core business is wood sawing and planning. Secondary activities include conversion of wood processing by-products into pellets, production of wooden packaging, wholesale of timber and construction materials.

Logging (lumber-camp)

Wood logging and transportation, construction and maintenance of forest roads, reforestation.

Stable supply of wood is supported by a considerable share of own harvesting (48%), long-term supply agreements with large logging operators in the region and an extensive network of roundwood suppliers.

The company conducts its own logging operations in the Komi Republic districts in areas leased under long-term agreements.

Harvesters and forwarders are used in wood felling.

The company does its best to develop own harvesting activities. It is improving its harvesting and transportation figures owing to investments into state-of-the-art equipment of Komatsu, Mersedes Benz, Valmet.

Another target of the company is to ensure comfortable accommodation of logging staff. Mobile rotation camps comprising mobile housing units, canteens and amenity facilities meet the latest demands and contribute to proper rest for the employees.

The company has its own vehicle fleet to deliver wood to its Syktyvkar production facility. 36 Mersedes Benz wood trucks serve to ensure the annual transportation capacity of 475 thousand cubic meters.

Key assets of the harvesting department also include road construction equipment used to maintain forest infrastructure (roads, landings, bridges).

Wood Processing

Creation of cutting-edge and highly efficient wood processing capacities is the top priority.

Softwood saw logs are processed at own equipment. The production plant has three sawlines, including one line for small-diameter roundwood with the R-200 chipper-canter.

The company has invested into production of green fuel – wood pellets. Combustion of such fuel generates minimal amount of nitrogen and sulfur oxides, if compared to other fuel types.

The pellet plant launched its operations in 2019. Its planned capacity is 2.5 tons per hour with potential increase of this figure to 5 tons per hour.

Sales territory

LLC "SDPC" is one of the leading exporting companies in the Komi Republic. Products are exported to various countries of the world.

Some products are sold on the domestic market. The main consumers in the Russian Federation are enterprises of the Komi Republic, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Kirov, Rostov, Astrakhan, Tambov, Vladimir, Sverdlovsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and Krasnodar Krai.

Products are delivered by road, rail and sea.