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Evgeny Samoylov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

“Forestry sector is a development driver for the Republic of Komi, one of the richest regions of Russia regarding natural resources. SLDK is riding the trend of modernization of production facilities guided by growing quality demands of international and domestic markets. As a leading timber exporter, the company invests in expanded product range and improved consumer characteristics of the products”.

Maksim Buntov

Managing Director

“SLDK, just as other companies with a long history of operation, has been through a lot of development stages. Today, SLDK is listed among industrial leaders in the region and is one of the biggest employers of the Komi Republic. We aim at modernization of our production facilities and reinforcement of our position at the market. It is a comprehensive task facilitated by the 2024 Development Strategy, focus on state-of-the-art technologies and high quality of products”.

Corporate Culture

The company’s operation is based on a number of principles reflecting its approach to business objectives. Set as key values of the company, these principles are implemented at all levels from management to minor staff members. They unite SLDK’s team and form a basis for its corporate culture, which sees a lot of efforts to be developed.