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Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management

The company conducts its own logging operations in the Komi Republic districts in areas leased under long-term agreements.

The company does its best to develop this area and is improving its harvesting and transportation figures owing to investments into high quality equipment of Komatsu, Mersedes Benz, Valmet.

As an FSC certificate holder, the company has voluntarily undertaken responsibility to verify legal origin of wood used in production and to comply with the principles of sustainable forest management. 

On its own accord the company has allocated part of the leased forest area – high conservation value forests (HCVF) – to be protected. Such forests have especially high environmental, social, economic or landscape value or are valuable in terms of biodiversity. HCVF plots are spread across the whole leased area thus creating environmental carcass of the territory.

Being a responsible user, SLDK conducts reforestation activities, does not use wood obtained through illegal felling, treats natural resources of the leased areas with care and supports local population in logging districts.