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Social Policy

Social Policy

The company’s logging operations are located in Ust-Kulom district of the Komi Republic under long-term lease agreements. The company voluntarily supports the most significant social projects and gives response to initiatives of rural settlements that are related to improvement of living standards for the local population. Moreover, the company willingly maintains roads and bridges near the settlement in good condition. It also provides the local people with jobs – more than a third of the harvesting department’s headcount are local residents.   

In 2018 and 2019 the company paid special attention to children and funded repairs of the only kindergarten in the settlement of Diaserya. The support amounted to 4 million rubles. These funds were used to repair the building and its systems, to renovate and equip a doctor’s office, and to buy toys. In 2020, notwithstanding the challenges set by the coronavirus pandemic, the company managed to allocate 300,000 rubles to repair a heat distribution network and power grid in the building of the settlement’s school. 

Positive changes occurring in the settlement due to SLDK’s support and the company’s contribution to the budget of Ust-Kulom district are the results of wise social policy of the enterprise in the area of its production activities.

The SLDK Veteran Council has been active in the company for decades. Around 800 former employees of the company are members of the council. Owing to the company’s financial support veterans celebrate their professional holiday – Forester Day, organize sport and entertainment events.